Cultural Camps 2018

Your camper will take a journey across the globe during Cultural Camp. Each one or two-week session is a fun and in-depth exploration of the arts and culture of a country. Depending on age and interest, students will choose a performing or visual arts track. Each two week session culminates in a camp exhibition and performance on the last Friday at 1:30pm. Cultural Camps run from 9:00am – 3:00pm with early drop off beginning at 8:00 AM. DAC provides a fresh fruit snack. If your camper has food allergies to fruit, please pack a snack. Please pack your campers a lunch (no refrigerator or microwave available).

9:00am – 3:00pm (Drop-off begins at 8:00am)

Two Week Camp: $340 ($320 per additional child of same household)
One Week Camp: $170 ($160 per additional child of same household)

For Cultural Camps, choose your arts track based on the campers age and interest.
Age 5 & 6: Creative Kids – For Rising K and 6 year olds, this camp offers storytelling, dance, music and fun age appropriate art activities for our youngest campers.
For ages 7-13 – Choose between a visual or performing arts track.
Visual Track Classes include: Painting, Clay, Mixed Media
Performing Arts Track Classes include: Dance, Theater, Chorus

Session A: Swinging Swaziland, June 18-29 (2 weeks)
Session B: Captivating Cabaret, July 9-13 (1 week)
Session C: Significant Sri Lanka, July 16-27 (2 weeks)
Session D: Groovy Guyana, July 30-August 10 (2 weeks)

Afternoon Adventures
Need a full day? Add the Afternoon Adventures program from 3:00 – 5:30 PM
Afternoon Adventures includes visits by extra special artists and performers as well as fieldtrips to fun cultural destinations.
One Week: $70 ($65 per additional child of same household)
Two Weeks: $140 ($130 per additional child of same household)

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Session Descriptions

Session A: Swinging Swaziland
Nestled in southern Africa Swaziland is full of friendly people and ancient tradition. Home to one of Africa’s largest festivals, the Umhlanga Festival, you can see some of the music, dance and poetry that is weaved through out the culture. May types of traditional arts and crafts are created there including batik, glass and weaving. With its diverse landscape, including parks, reserves and sanctuaries, over 700 species of animals can be found roaming the country. Come explore this vibrant African nation!

Session B: Captivating Cabaret
With the French Revolution behind them and changes from the Industrial Revolution shaping the country, the stage was set in France for a major movement in art. It was a period of joy and hope. Cabaret, as we know it, was born so artists could share ideas and Le Chat Noir and Moulin Rouge opened as artistic escapes for the French people. Visual artists left behind cluttered historical styles and modernized their designs. With influences from the British Arts and Craft movement and Japanese wood-block prints mixing with a newfound reverence of nature; Art Nouveau was born. Take a step back in time to see what this exciting lifestyle was like!

Session C: Significant Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka – with over 2,000 years of history – is home to an array of incredible architecture and artifacts, largely inspired by its rich spiritual culture. Buddhist and Hindu Temples, Churches and Mosques are some elaborate wonders that can be found nestled with the landscape. Though Buddhism and Indian culture have heavily influenced the arts, each kingdom had its own artistic voice making the arts in this country distinctive. Masks are one craft you will see throughout history in this country since they were not only used for ritual and dramas, but to cure sickness. Come discover the secrets of this island nation!

Session D: Groovy Guyana
Guyana is known for its rainforests and has diverse wildlife, including ocelots, monkeys and tamarins, roaming through the various regions. While there are still indigenous people inhabiting the coast and interior forest a large portion of the population is of European decent and speak English adding to the cultural diversity of the nation. Rice Fields, Sugar Plantations and craft markets with brightly colored textiles, paintings and baskets can be found through the country. Come learn about this groovy South American Country!