Teen Intensives

This week started a new round of Teen Intensives including Sculpture, Songwriting and Portrait Painting.  Check out the amazing wire fish they created in the sculpture class yesterday!

Happy Monday!

Our kids had a great time last week and we are excited for this upcoming week! Our kids are gearing up for their big performance on Friday! They are so excited to teach the audience about Singapore and show you all the hard work they’ve been putting in!


Last Friday, our jam session class had their concert and it totally rocked! Contact ‘Band for Hire’ for all of your musical needs 🙂

Jam Session (2).JPG

We are looking forward to a fantastic rest of the week!

Busy Week at Mini Camp!

Our campers have been having lots of fun learning about pop art this week!

On Tuesday, we went to Through this Lens Gallery for a great field trip!


Yesterday, we walked to the Durham Farmer’s Market and kids bought lots of fun treats, including peach ice cream and lots of flowers!

We also have lots of fun in Afternoon Adventures! (even when we lose in Connect Four!)


We are looking forward to a great rest of the week!

Welcome Back!

We are excited as we are starting our first Mini Camp and Dance Intensive today! Our theme this week is Pop Art, inspired by amazing artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

The campers started off their day by learning about what Pop Art is and what makes it so special! Pop art is an art form that focuses on popular culture and mass media and usually has lots of bright colors and fun references. One of the most famous pop artists is Andy Warhol and he was one of the leading figures in the visual arts movement!

MC 1.jpg

As you can tell, this week of camp will be very interesting for our kids and hopefully they will learn a lot about this cool art form! We are looking forward to a great rest of the week and a great summer!

The Last Week of Summer Camp

This last week has been a lot of fun as we create.  We have been making doughnut collages, watercolor paintings and writing jokes. We also got to dance with Ms. Allison using some fun and colorful ribbons.

The Dance Intensive campers have also been hard at work preparing for tomorrow’s show.


A busy day at Mini Camp

We are having a great day! The Dance Intensive campers are getting ready for their show…

And our Mini Campers are creating board games around Durham landmarks!

The campers are also making drums today, which they will use to create some music later in the week. Not to mention all the other fun activities they are doing today, including a field trip to the Carolina theater for our Afternoon Adventurers.