Melodious Mongolia performance countdown

The countdown is on for the Melodious Mongolia final performance for Session D!


Ms. Nice and her campers are creating a huge colorful mural to be hung on stage during the final performance.  In Ms. Marcia’s class, clay is firing away to be ready for the Friday art show.  The Creative Kids made some beautiful scrolls today that will also be dry and ready for Friday.

Last but not least, please note this costume update for the Falcons (Group 3):

It has come to our attention that many campers do not have brown shirts, so we are changing the costume for the falcons to a BLACK shirt to make it easier for everybody.  Please see below for updated costume information:

Group 3: (10 to 13-year-olds):

  • BLACK shirt with black bottoms. Make sure that if you wear a skirt to wear shorts underneath.
  • Sam Bartlett, Maraina King, and Alice DeSimone need to bring a black shirt AND a red shirt to wear with black bottoms.
  • William Gray needs to bring a navy blue shirt AND a black shirt to wear with black bottoms.

Thanks so much and look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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