End of Week 1 Egypt

We made it through Week 1 of Ancient Egypt!  And what a fun week it was. As we move into the second week, we are working hard on our end of session performance.  Please see below for information about the upcoming performance and gallery show:


You are invited to attend our very special performance and gallery exhibit “Exciting Ancient Egypt” on Friday, June 24.  The doors to PSI Theatre will open at 1:15 p.m.

Because of the limited seating capacity in PSI Theatre on the top floor of the Durham Arts Council building, guests are limited to 2 per student.  We will make extra seats available as space permits, starting at 1:25pm in front of the PSI Theatre entrance on the top floor.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

The performance will feature the Creative Kids and all Performing Arts tracks and a full camp song as the finale to our performance. The gallery will feature the work of the Creative Kids and all Visual Arts tracks. Thursday and Friday schedules will be modified to allow for gallery set-up and stage rehearsals. Campers will still have a lunch break on Friday, so please send a lunch with your child.

Visual Art campers will be sent home on Friday with all of their artwork that is not to be displayed on Friday.  Please send your artist to camp on Friday with a paper grocery bag to carry his or her artwork home. Each camper’s name should be visible on the bag.

Please do not plan to pick up your child between 1:15-2:30 on Friday as we will be in performance mode and will not be able to make sign-outs available.  We hope that all will stay for the performance as the campers have been working very diligently. If your camper is in Afternoon Adventures, we will have a special movie that afternoon.

Please come and show your support for the fabulous performing and visual artwork that your children have been creating during camp!  Thank you for allowing us the privilege of working with your children, we have truly enjoyed the experience!




For campers in the Performing Arts track or Creative Kids only, not those on the Visual Arts track:



Your campers are working hard to create a wonderful performance about Ancient Egypt! Below is the list of all of the class costumes by age group for all Performing Arts tracks.  Please let us know if there is something you can’t provide and we can help your child to find it.


Group 1 (7-year-olds):

  • Green shirt with black bottoms. Make sure that if you wear a skirt to wear shorts underneath

Group 2 (8 and 9-year-olds):

  • Black shirt with black bottoms. Make sure that if you wear a skirt to wear shorts underneath

Group 3: (10 to 13-year-olds):

  • Black shirt with black bottoms. Make sure that if you wear a skirt to wear shorts underneath

Creative Kids:

  • Any clothing is fine! Creative Kids do not need to wear or bring anything special.  They will wear hats and other accessories they made this week, and we have those and everything else they need here at camp.  Make sure that if you wear a skirt to wear shorts underneath.


Thank you for you cooperation and help with our performance.  We can’t wait for you to join us on Friday!







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